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Rector writes...


The Disciple and Word of God
In my travels, visiting churches and sharing with members, I have drawn a conclusion on the importance of being grounded in the Word of God and proper discipleship. A lot of institutional churches including Anglican churches in many parts of the world have become irrelevant and out of touch with the younger generations. Many have deviated from Bible teaching and compromised the truths of God with modern cultures. I simply thank God that He has raised up new, vibrant and more contemporary churches to win these younger generations to the Lord. However, I do also find that in many of the contemporary churches, while they are strong in worship and more in tune with the trends of the 21st century, are also weak in their biblical teaching of the Word. Their modern approach of preaching is often (though not all) full of personal experiences and encounters with God but lack depth in the exposition of the Word of God. A Christian cannot survive with only a “feel good”, high adrenaline experiences alone. This kind of satisfaction will not last the test of life in the long run. Our emotion is subjective and unreliable. It cannot shield us through the storm and challenges that come along our way. In times like these, we need an anchor that would hold us and give us the stability. The Word of God is the anchor of our soul.

Putting our trust in God’s Word is like building our house on solid rock. It holds us and keeps us firmly on the ground, lest we are swept away by the waves and the undercurrents of this world. It assures us when we are afraid. It comforts us when we are sad. It strengthens us when we are tired and weary from all the stresses of this world. Being a true disciple of Jesus Christ means we are willing to trust God completely in all aspects of life, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. It means we are willing to trust Him even when we do not know, like, or understand when or where He is leading, or when it is unpopular. A disciple is one who holds on to the Word of God as the authority and guide of his/her life – both present and future.

- Bp John Yeo