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Glorifying God through Education

TOur churches in Tawau i.e. Good Tiding’s Church, Church of Christ the Lamb of God and St Patrick’s Church are very unique compared with other churches within the diocese. We are blessed and entrusted with a full spectrum of education levels. We have playschools, kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, International school and an Academy. Each year, hundreds of students received quality educations through our schools. These have become their bedrock of future successes and contribution to society and country.

We also praise God that our schools continue to shine and produce excellent results both academically and other extra-curricular activities. This year our St Patrick’s Primary School achieved 2 Gold Awards in the National Musical Orchestral Competition, National Champion for the U12 Male Softball competition. St. Patrick Secondary School was National champion for the 23rd National SPM Bible Knowledge Oral Quiz and awarded the most “Sustainable School (Sekolah Lestari)” on the National Environment Day.

Vision International and Secondary Schools obtained 100% passes in our 2018 IGCSE and SPM exams respectively, Distinctions and Credits in ICAS for Maths, Science; English and English Writing competitions; Distinction and Credit in Australian Mathematics competition. One of the top recipients in the State Level Annual Art Selection Award; Bronze medalists in ISMC and Kangaroo Maths competitions; Distinction in Kuiz Kimia as well as High scorers in HSK Chinese Competition. As for the extracurricular activities, Vision School was Champion in the MSSDT in table tennis (Pingpong) with several runner ups in the other Sports events.

As for our St Patrick’s Anglican Academy, we praise God for 5 students graduated from Kindergarten Program. 2 graduated with Advanced Certificates (comparable to A Level) and are now continuing their studies in Nottingham University, Kuala Lumpur and William Blue College, Sydney respectively. In the ACE Regional Students Convention, out of 36 academies, SPAA was the overall second runner up Academic & Art for senior category and runner up in Art for junior category.

We encourage all members to come to St Patrick’s Anglican Academy Awards Night this Wednesday (13 November) at 7.30pm and also Vision School Awards Night on Friday (15 November) at 7pm. In these Awards Nights you will see the fruits of our schools through the lives of our students. You will witness the quality of education and virtues imparted in their lives. So don’t miss it and together we glorify God through (godly) education.

Bishop John Yeo