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Celebrating 50th Year of BB Ministry in Sabah (1967-2017)
But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. (2 Corinthians 2:14)

We want to give thanks to God for the fantastic work of Boys’ Brigade ministry in Sabah as they have just celebrated their Founder’s Day cum 50th Anniversary in Sabah. We also give thanks for how God has blessed our church through the BB ministry over the years. The 2nd Tawau Company of Boys’ Brigade was founded by St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in 1985, with the assistance of the 3rd KK Company, who was instrumental in introducing BB to our church and also providing training for the officers. The first BB meeting was held in 1986. The activities for BB were church-based then. Past Company Captains from 1986-1993 are:

1986-1987 Cpt. David Young

1988-1990 Cpt. Ong Huat Heng

1990-1992 Cpt. Kenneth Lee

1992-1993 Cpt. Thomas Thien

However, the company was closed in 1993 when St. Patrick’s Church transited into a Cell Church. But the legacy of the 2nd Tawau Company of BB didn’t end there. Thirteen years later, the late Bishop Albert Vun decided to reorganize and revive the Boys’ Brigade ministry. And the company was led by Captain Nickson Chia. Names of Captains from 2005-present:

2005-2007 Cpt. Nickson Chia

2007-2009 Cpt. Lorinda Chin (Acting Captain)

2009-2011 Cpt. Desmond Chong

2013-Now Cpt. Richard Tai

From 1986 to 1993, the 2nd Tawau BB Company was operating as a church-based ministry. But starting from 2005 to this day, they have been managed as a school-based ministry. Since then, it has been listed under the Uniform Society of Cocurricular Activities in SM St. Patrick, Tawau. In 2009, the company expanded the ministry to Vision Primary and Secondary Schools. Two years later in 2011, BB was started in Yuk Chin Primary School. This year, a new platoon was set up at St. Patrick’s Primary School.

As an ex-BB boy, I remember we used to sing this song in call and response during our gathering and drills: “Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are? And so we tell them, ‘We are the BB, Sure and steadfast!’” As this ministry continues to grow, let us as a whole church continue to support it so that God will lead all our BB in “triumphal procession” and spread the fragrance of the gospel of Christ everywhere they go (2 Corinthians 2:14).

- Rev Ho Kee Chung